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Crave InfoTech is a leading provider of GPS tracking applications, field service and mobile workforce management solutions. The tracking application provides real time information about vehicle, people, job and asset locations. Knowing where your vehicles, employees and assets are at all times gives you the power to make on time and money-saving decisions. This approach delivers immediate return on investment in customer service, reduces operational cost and improve asset health.

Track My Assets

Track My Assets or GPS Asset Tracking Application will help track and display the current status of the fixed or immovable assets (e.g. transformers, poles, hydrants, mains) of the organization. This solution will allow the user to capture asset details with location and image.

Direct Store Delivery

Crave InfoTech’s Asset Tracking and Direct Store Delivery mobility solution can help you meet your needs to achieve the highest level of asset security, driver safety and customer satisfaction through on-time delivery and paperless delivery process

Connected Vehicle

Map based Job assignment and un-assignment and display per work/job orders (with FSM). Crave InfoTech has been closely associated with SAP since 2007 and has earned the trust of clients across North America, Africa, Australia and Asia as an (ISSV).