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Crave Track Solution for Construction Industry – Cravetracker

Crave Track Solution for Construction Industry

Crave Track Solution for Construction Industry


  • Tracking of the Vehicle
  • Fuel theft
  • Defining the daily work route
  • In/Out Tracking of vehicles at Construction place
  • Assigning emergency jobs to the closest vehicle
  • Fuel consumption due to vehicle idling
  • Accidents
  • Communication with authorities
  • Optimization of Equipments, Construction vehicles and Resources


Crave InfoTech’s Tracking Solution for Construction Industry is a one package solution with hardware, software and cloud server. It helps the Senior Management and Field In-charge to keep track of the Vehicle used in Construction industry, send alerts to top Management and Field In-charge about the position of the vehicle thus helping them to be prepared for organizing labor resources for loading/unloading materials. The solution provides reports, location, addresses and route(s) driven to improve the efficiency of the resources and keep a tab on fuel consumption, by avoiding idle running of the vehicle. Thefts can be reduced to larger extent as movement of the vehicle is tracked at all times.


  • Solution is built using Google maps which is reasonable and easier to implement
  • Plug and Play solution allows organizations to track fixed and movable assets using GPS technology
  • Range of GPS hardware solutions
  • Real-time tracking of Vehicle used for Construction work
  • Feed the actual work time from the GIS system to the billing system for most accurate billing.
  • Fuel Consumption Monitoring
  • Avoid deviation from regular route, avoid misuse of Vehicle, avoid rash driving, control on idle running of the Vehicles
  • Send Alerts/SMS about the position of the Vehicle, which will help the ground/field in charge to provide labor, space for unloading/loading the materials, making smooth material flow.
  • Real-time tracking of Construction Vehicles- Track start, stop, ignition, speed of each vehicle.
  • Route optimization- Defining the route and monitoring the deviation from the defined route.
  • Send Alerts/SMS when vehicle deviates from its pre-defined route
  • Bread Crumb Trial for historical route and speed information.
  • Event driven alerts & messaging
  • In case of emergency locate nearby person, vehicle or job
  • Multilayer authorizations
  • Track your locations, company assets and customer location on the map using marker functionality
  • Messaging between field workers and the dispatcher
  • Employee Roaster
  • Easy to use
  • Geo-fencing
  • Field App available on iPad and Android tablet
  • Accident Alerts
  • Fuel Consumption Monitoring. Send Alert/SMS when fuel theft happens