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Crave Track Solution for Education Industry – Cravetracker

Crave Track Solution for Education Industry

Crave Track Solution for Education Industry


  • Tracking of the School Bus
  • Fuel theft
  • Defining Route
  • Long waiting at the stop for buses
  • Exploitation of Kids
  • Accidents due to harsh braking and rash driving
  • Communication with Parents/School Management


Crave InfoTech’s School Bus Tracking Solution is one package solution with hardware, software and cloud server to help improve the quality of the service. It helps the School Management, Parents and Students to keep track of the Vehicle send alerts about the position of the vehicle thus helping the Parents to be ready to pick up the kids on time from the bus stop. The solution provides reports, location, addresses and route driven which helps in improving the efficiency of the transportation staff. It also helps to keep a tab on fuel consumption, by avoiding idle running of the vehicle. Crime on kids can be reduced to larger extent as movement of the vehicle is tracked all the time.


  • Solution is built using Google maps which is reasonable and easier to implement
  • Plug and Play solution allows organizations to track fixed and movable assets using GPS technology
  • Range of GPS hardware solutions
  • Total ownership or subscription based model hosted on cloud server
  • Real-time tracking of School Buses
  • Route optimization- Defining the route and monitoring the deviation from the defined route
  • Send Alerts/SMS when vehicle deviates from its pre-defined route
  • Accident Alerts
  • Bread Crumb Trial for historical route and speed information
  • Event driven alerts & messaging
  • In the case of emergency locate nearby person, vehicle or job
  • Employee Roaster
  • Easy to use
  • Geo-fencing
  • Field App available on iPad and Android tablet
  • Fuel Consumption Monitoring. Send Alert/SMS when fuel theft happens
  • Idling alert, harsh braking, rash driving alert
  • Avoid deviation from regular route, avoid misuse of Vehicle, avoid crime by tracking and setting Route deviation alert to School Management
  • Send Alerts/SMS about the position of the Vehicle/ School Bus, which will help the parents to reach the bus stop on time to pickup or drop off

Future Functionalities

  • RFID Tags will be provided to the kids
  • The Information regarding kids boarding the school bus alert will be sent to the Parents and School Management
  • Kids pick up and drop alerts can be sent to Parents and School Management
  • Video monitoring (CCTV), will keep tab on crime, misbehavior of the staff with kids