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Crave Track Solution for Transportation Industry – Cravetracker

Crave Track Solution for Transportation Industry

Crave Track Solution for Transportation Industry


  • Monitor Meet customer appointments
  • Provide appointments with smaller time window
  • On time vehicle maintenance
  • Excessive idling
  • Harsh Braking and rash driving
  • Monitoring current status of the immovable Assets
  • Keep database of physical condition (picture) of the asset at regular interval
  • On time maintenance of physical assets based upon predefined conditions
  • Track current location using GPS monitoring
  • Tracking attributes of the Asset
  • Paperless process to create Asset inventory
  • Ability to capture asset attributes, picture and Geo location
  • Defining optimum route
  • Assign jobs to the most qualified closest vehicle/employee
  • Safety-accidents


Crave InfoTech’s Asset Tracking Solution is one package solution with hardware, software and implementation services. This application helps the client to track their movable and immovable assets geographically and enjoy tremendous cost savings due to greater efficiency. The Asset Tracking Solution will help track your vehicles, immovable assets (transformers, poles, hydrants, mains etc), show reports, track real-time current locations, addresses, and routes driven. You will have the opportunity to accurately monitor the driver, vehicle efficiency and productivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using real time or stored data.

Traditionally transportation workforce is a field force with lot of challenges to implement the changes.


In addition this application can help maintaining the health of the vehicle if customer decides to track OBD II vehicle bus data. With the help of ODB II information we can predict the maintenance requirement using more advanced information and help fleet managers making decision of expensive repairs.

This solution makes it easier to implement these changes on:

  • Management
    • obtain real time and historical report of the movement of vehicles
    • receive alerts for predefined warning conditions like speeding, excessive idling, route deviation, and excessive out of range
  • Supervised dispatches
  • Field workers

Routing application has out of the box integration with most of the mobile applications using predefined API’s.

We are partnered with several GPS hardware vendors to integrate the Asset tracking application with range of hardware choices for acquiring the location of the vehicle. We help you choose the right hardware based upon your specific needs.

  • Pre-define route according to delivery locations and get map directions
  • Our proprietary algorithm will prioritize and optimize route based on pre-defined criteria (Specific to each mobile user including avoiding toll roads, avoiding highways, priority of jobs, type of jobs)
  • Optimization of driving route to ensure high priority and high delinquency customers are attended first
  • Eliminates any manual delays and verbal miscommunication
  • Capture current location, status and record all relevant details of immovable asset
  • Synchronise real-time information to the asset tracking server for immediate access. User can attach additional documents as well

Key Benefits of implementing Asset Tracking and Mobile Workforce Management

  • Productivity improvement of supervisor, Dispatcher and field workforc
  • Reduce Idle Time: Save fuel, help green initiative and Improve health of the vehicle
  • Reduce driving on the roads by obtaining optimized route and driving directions
  • Increase # of stops/jobs due to increased efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction by giving them real-time location and status of the field technician scheduled to visit their house
  • Educate field workforce with the help of statistical information for reducing idle time and speeding issues
  • Bread crumb trail functionality to access historical information to respond to customer complaints, disciplinary actions against workforce
  • Obtain insurance discounts for monitoring vehicle 24*7
  • Increase vehicle life and reduce maintenance cycle due to real-time monitoring. The health of the vehicle and reducing driving on road by obtaining optimized routes


  • Solution is built using Google maps which is reasonable and easier to implement
  • Plug and Play solution allows organizations to track fixed and movable assets using GPS technology
  • Range of GPS hardware solutions
  • Total ownership or subscription based model hosted on cloud server
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles
  • Fuel Consumption Monitoring. Send Alert/SMS when fuel theft happens
  • Route optimization- Defining the route and monitoring the deviation from the defined route
  • Send Alerts/SMS when vehicle deviates from its pre-defined route
  • Accident Alerts
  • Bread Crumb Trial for historical route and speed information
  • Event driven alerts & messaging
  • In the case of emergency locate nearby person, vehicle or job
  • Exchange messaging
  • Multilayer authorizations
  • Track your locations, company assets and customer location on the map using marker functionality
  • Employee Roaster
  • Easy to use
  • Geo-fencing
  • Field App available on iPad and Android tablet
  • Option to monitor physical measurements like temperature, pressure, lid opening