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Track My Assets – Cravetracker

Track My Assets


Track My Assets or GPS Asset Tracking Application will help track and display the current status of the fixed or immovable assets (e.g. transformers, poles, hydrants, mains) of the organization. This solution will allow the user to capture asset details with location and image. The user can create job for the asset and assign it to a technician.

Key Features

  • Real-time tracking of any type of vehicle location
  • Real-time tracking of speed, ignition On/Off and harsh driving
  • Ability to remotely immobilize the vehicle in case of theft or misuse
  • Ability to define route for a trip
  • Generate alerts for various business and operating conditions
  • Ability to view travel history using bread crumb trail
  • Enterprise dashboard to view the productivity and vehicle conditions

Key Benefits

  • Meet customer appointments
  • Provide appointments with smaller time window
  • Effective communication with Management, dealers and customers
  • Defining optimum route
  • Safety-accidents
  • Better management of company assets- vehicle
  • Monitor excessive idling
  • Monitor harsh braking and rash driving

Using Track My Asset can be beneficial because of great savings in equipment loss, and through significant decrease in man-hours spent tracking inventory. Knowing what your company owns, where it is and who has it can be costly, time-consuming and error-prone.

Application Modules

Track My Assets solution is built to perform existing inventoried assets or develop inventory of existing assets paperless. This is mainly divided into these key areas:

Mobile application – Asset inspection

This is an offline application built for smart phones which allow asset inspector to capture or verify the following information.

  • Asset attributes
  • Asset picture
  • Driver
  • Asset geolocation
  • Asset status

In the case of inspecting inventoried assets authorized user can create list of assets to be inspected by date for each field inspector. Upon log on the smart phone application will download the assigned asset details for him to inspect. Field inspector can modify or add new assets along with all the details mentioned above which will be automatically posted to the server once inspection is completed in the field. The assets will be placed at the right geo location on the map with all the information captured. This eliminates all the paperwork and potential errors while inventorying assets.

Asset Tracking

Using weather proof GPS devices the field assets can be tracked to ensure they are located where they should be.

Master data

This section provides ability to create masters; some of the masters are:

  • Asset
  • Job
  • Geo-fence
  • Marker

Normally these masters are set up once at the initial system setup. There are mass upload tools available to create these masters from a spreadsheet. This has multiple layers of authorizations to protect the data integrity.